What We Offer to Local Sellers

Online menu, order processing, Facebook integration & marketplace for any sized business serving your Fresh and Local market.

Whether you are a restaurant looking to simplify your ordering process, or a farmer selling fresh produce, or a personal chef selling catering, or just have a truck load of delicious fruit dropping from the trees in your backyard, or maybe you make the best tamales, or bagels, or jam, or cookies, or whatever in town, we have solution for you to sell more with less effort!


What is the Tu Mesa Mesa Local Sales Platform?



Tu Mesa Mesa is comprised of six basic parts:

  1. Online Menu and Promotions Admin Panel to create and manage your online products or services menu and ordering system.
  2. Your Online Menu that you created in the Admin Panel and that can connect directly to a button on your Facebook page, our Marketplace Listing Page or any website.
  3. Facebook Integration that uses the ‘Shop Now’ button on your Facebook page to call your Marketplace Listing Page listed below.
  4. Marketplace Listing Page on our website that includes a SEE MENU AND ORDER button and an optional MAKE A RESERVATION button.
  5. Order Receiving App downloaded to your phone or tablet to manage your incoming orders.
  6. Delivery Tracking App (coming soon).
Online Menu & Promo Maker & Admin Panel
Your Online Menu
Facebook Integration
Online Marketplace Listing
Order Receiving App on your phone or tablet
Delivery Tracking App (coming soon)

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  1. Do you operate a restaurant and accept pickup or delivery orders?
  2. Do you take reservations for a local service of any kind?
  3. Do you sell by posting to social medium with your phone number for customers to call in their orders?
  4. Are you frustrated with trying to accept orders from customers who don’t speak the same language or have deep accents in the languages that you do speak?
  5. Do you want to eliminate the time, errors and hassle of taking orders when you could be producing your product or relaxing at home or at the beach?
  6. Do you want your customers to have a smooth, professional and great buying experience that keeps them coming back for more?
  7. Do you want to accept credit cards for pickup or delivery?

Create & Publish Your Menu

Take a Visual Tour of a Menu

Menu & Ordering

Create your menu and set images to your:

  • Menu Header
  • Menu Categories
  • Menu Items

Set optional and mandatory choices and add-ons;

  • Doneness
  • Side dishes
  • Suggested drinks
  • Any Add-on
  • Anything

Over 40 languages supported.

List your details for walk-in open, reservation, pickup & delivery hours, as well as any delivery fees, your address, phone & payment methods available.

Your precise mapped location is presented to the customer when sold for pickup.

The customers precise mapped location is presented to you in the Order receiving app when sold for delivery.

Notifications are automatically sent to the customer upon your acceptance or denial, always keeping everyone informed.



Configure reservations based on a number of settings.
  • Minimum persons
  • Maximum persons
  • Hold reservation X minutes
  • Reservation placement must be made X minutes in advance.
  • Reservation cannot be made more than X  days in advance.
Notifications are automatically sent to the customer upon your acceptance or denial, always keeping everyone informed.

Facebook Integration

Connect your menu to your Facebook page ‘Shop Now’ button.  When customers click it, your menu will appear as a popup over your Facebook page.  No coding necessary, just setup, copy, paste and go!

Marketplace Listing

Send your customers directly to your Tu Mesa Mesa Marketplace listing page where your customers can SEE MENU & ORDER and also MAKE A RESERVATION if you enabled this free feature.  In addition to your order-taking money-making menu, your listing includes the following information for your clients convenience:

Business Name, Address, Phone

Website  This could be any site your Facebook page or any other site you choose).

Description of your business, products or services.

Categories  These help people find your site when shopping.

Attributes List that further describe your offerings.

Map to help customers find you if you want customers visiting your location. 


Share Your Menu via QR Code 

Your Tu Mesa Mesa listing page includes a QR Code that you can use to share your listing page with anyone with a smartphone.  Just open your smartphone camera and point it to the QR Code and the link to your listing and menu page will magically appear.  You can print your QR Code and place it anywhere convenient for your customers like a table or counter or anywhere.  You can even bring it up on your smartphone from your listing page itself and share it that way as well.


Live & Automated Support for Buyers & Sellers

Your customers have live chat operators available to assist them through the ordering process.   That means more time for you to do what you do best!   The ordering process is designed to keep your customers informed and in contact with you, but if for any reason the customer is confused we are available to assist.  Plus, the same operators are available to assist you in making any changes to your menu.  Just open a browser on your phone, tablet or computer, navigate to our site and start chatting.  It’s that easy.


Stay Open During a Shutdown

Add these options within your menu for your customers to choose.

No-contact Deliveries Options

  • No contact / Leave order at my door

Minimum Exposure Pickup Options

  • Curbside pickup

Eliminate Cash Through Online Payments

  • Enable your customers to pay online, by card or PayPal.

Add an In-Menu Announcement Banner

  • Remind your customers of the safety measures you have taken and safety options available to them.

A ready-to-go personalized version of this code is available to copy & paste from your Tu Mesa Mesa Admin panel.  Just paste it into your website and you are taking orders!

If you have a website, you can add the buttons there… 

See Menu & Order

Make a Reservation

1. Copy this personalized HTML code

You can customize the look and feel the way you like by adding, removing or changing the “class” or “style” attributes inside the <span> tag. 


Seller Pages and Menus

Online Booking System for Table Reservations or Anything Reservable.

In-Menu Selling Promotions

Facebook Shop Now Button Integration

Local Yet Virtual Marketplace

Integrated Payment & Delivery Options

Order Status & Delivery Notifications for Buyers & Sellers

Reviews & Ratings

Available in over 40 languages

Buyers Experience a Positive Network Effect

In-Menu Promotions

Basic Promos

Discount on cart
% discount on your total cart value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount.
% discount on selected items
For example: 30% off on any dessert or drink.
Free delivery
Free delivery (discounted delivery) for orders over a certain cart value.
Buy one, get one free
For example: Buy a main dish and get the second for free.
Fixed discount amount on cart
Fixed discount amount on the total cart value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount.
Payment method reward
% discount on your total cart value if you pay with a certain payment method. For example: Credit card online.
Get a FREE item
For example: Free drink on any order $30+.

  Advanced Promos

Meal bundle
A selection of dishes at a fixed price. For example: Any 2 appetizers + 2 main dishes + 2 desserts => All for $55!
Buy 2,3,... get one free
For example: Buy two main dishes and get the third for free.
Free dish or discounted item as part of a meal
For example: Free dessert or drink if you purchase starter + main dish.
Fixed discount amount on combo deal
For example: Buy any main dish plus dessert and get $5 off.
% discount on combo deal
For example: Buy any main dish plus dessert and get 10% off.
Meal bundle with speciality
Same as “Meal bundle” but a subset of selected items are only available with an extra fee.

Promo Options

Happy Hour
Allow the benefit to be available (or be shown) only on certain week days or hourly plans
Delivery Area
 Allow the benefit to be available (or to be different) depending on delivery areas or pick-up mode
Cart Value
Allow the benefit to be available (or to be different) depending on certain total cart value or range
Allow the benefit to be available (or to be different) depending on the chosen payment method
Allow the benefit to be available only until a certain date
Client Type
Allow the benefit to be available only for certain types of clients
Allow the benefit to be available only once per client
Allow the benefit to cummulate on top of other promo deal benefits arising from other promo deals (if the client is eligible) or make it redeemable only stand-alone

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is processing the credit card information for my customers?
Tu Mesa Mesa does not process or transit your customer credit card data through our servers in any way.  Your customer credit card data is sent directly from the menu app on the clients device to our PCI DSS compliant partner payment processing company Spreedly.com.   
What do I need to start accepting online payments for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & PayPal from my customers?
If you’d like to accept credit card payments online from your clients you need two things:
1. A merchant account at a payment gateway, for example from www.stripe.com.   Every payment gateway will charge a fee per transaction, please see the website of your payment gateway for this.  These payment gateway fees commonly amount to approximately 4.4% of the amount billed to the customer.
2. The “Connector” which connects your payment gateway with your menu and online ordering system. You pay $29/month per location for this to us.  There is no additional transaction fee from us and you have an unlimited amount of transactions included.

Seller Pricing

Sell Fresh & Local Plan



Facebook ‘Shop Now’ Button Integration

Marketplace Listing

Free Initial Setup

Accept Unlimited Orders

Accept Unlimited Reservations

Menu Maker & Admin Panel

Live & Automated Chat Support for Buyers & Sellers

40+ languages supported

Basic In-Menu Promos


Promo Options


Run One Promo at a time

Accept Cash Only

+ Optional Add-ons

+ Add Advanced In-Menu Promos

Run Unlimited Promos Simultaneously

7 More Advanced Promo Types


+ Add Payment Processing

Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express,

Discover & Paypal

Receive Deposits in Minutes

Have More Questions?