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You want to buy fresh and local products because it’s good for you and your community!

Sell Your Creations

You want to sell your products locally because more money stays in your pocket and your community!

Tu Mesa Mesa is your online market for everything fresh, from Your Table or to Your Table. 

Tu Mesa Mesa.

Everyone can participate.  If you are hungry for what is served, grown and created locally you can order and buy it here and get it delivered directly to your home or business.  If you have grown or created something that you want to share with your community you can create a menu of your products and start selling now

Why Local ?

Why Tu Mesa Mesa ?

Why ‘From Your Table To Your Table’ ?

In these uncertain times of rolling lockdowns, the ability of a community to keep itself fed is challenged by restaurant closures and the loss of jobs that once supported the greater community.

Yet, everyone must eat.  

If we are able to buy and sell locally, to trade among ourselves, in the most efficient and open manner possible, we allow for the most amount of people to be fed, as well as more opportunities to earn an income to pay for food and other essential items for our health and safety.

If restaurants are able to continue serving their customers through the worst of times, maintain the viability of their businesses, they preserve the livelyhood of their employees and their own businesses.  Incredibly, the same technology and services offered by Tu Mesa Mesa that make restaurant ordering systems efficient in times of economic shutdowns, work equally well in normal times of abundance when their businesses are challenged by the opposite problem of spikes of increased demand.   

Tu Mesa Mesa is dedicated to fostering the economic independence and physical health resilience of local communities in the best and worst of times.  Join us by participating, buying, selling and enjoying the best of what you and your community has to offer.

Start Participating!

Whether you are just hungry for fresh and local products, or have something fresh and local to sell, your journey starts by contacting us.

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Be part of a positive solution by participating in your local & fresh economy.



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