How to Set Your Delivery Address

When ordering online for delivery you will of course be asked to provide your address at checkout on the cart tab.  In this post we will guide you through step by step using our Finca Finca Demo seller as an example.

Step 1 )   Navigate to the Cart tab, and in the "Ordering Method" section, click the "Select order type" button.

Step 2 )   In the "Delivery" section, Click the "Add your address" button.

Step 3 )   In the "Add an address" section, enter your Street & Number, Business, Building or Landmark, and Town or City Area, then, click the "Continue" button.

This could be based on a specific building and unit number or descriptive and relative to a landmark ...

  • sunset hills condo #103
  • tropical dreams #4
  • 100 meters south of the dolphin academy
  • white house 50 meters north of club pacifico
  • etc.

Your Town or City Area could be ...

  • playa del coco
  • tamarindo
  • playa flamingo
  • etc.

Step 4 )   Drag your pin to your exact location and click the black button bar to confirm.  It doesn't have to be absolutely exact, but close enough where the delivery person doesn't have to re-park the car to get you your delivery hot and on time!

You're done adding your address and ready to place your order!

Fun facts: The next time you order your address will be remembered along with your name, email address and phone, so there is no need to enter it again on the same device.  This is true for any seller on our Tu Mesa Mesa website where your safety and convenience are our top priorities.